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Notebook Manager allows you to control various hardware settings on laptop
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Notebook Manager is a management software that allows you to control various hardware and software settings on your personal laptop computer. The Notebook Manager contains 9 functions which allows you to view and/or config your laptop computer's BIOS settings and Microsoft Windows functions. You can access each of the functions through the buttons on the main dialog, the menu bar, or from right clicking the Notebook Manager's icon on the task bar (if task bar function is enabled).

The System Information Dialog summarizes and lists information about the specifications for your laptop computer.
A description of each device description can be found below:
* Device Description
* CPU Brand, type and clock speed of CPU
* Total Memory Total size of main memory
* Video Memory Total size of memory for video card.
* Hard Disk Disk capacity for the internal hard drive
* Serial Port If serial port is available
* Parallel Port If parallel port is available
* Internal Cache Total amount of internal cache (CPU cache) memory and if it is enabled
* External Cache Total amount of external cache (L2 cache) and if it is enabled
* TouchPad Status of TouchPad
* Manufacturer Name Name of this laptop computer's manufacturer
* Product Name Product name of this laptop computer
* System Serial Number System's serial number

The Boot Options Dialog defines how you want your laptop computer to function while it is running (power on) and the boot sequence to follow when the system reboots.

The Password Dialog allows you to set, modify or delete your password to prevent unauthorized access to your notebook on bootup or changing system BIOS settings.

The Launch Manager button will display your laptop computer's Launch Manager, where you can manage the unique launch buttons on your Acer laptop computer.

The Invilink Control Dialog allows you to quickly locate all of your wireless link controls installed on your laptop computer such as infrared control, wireless lan control and bluetooth control

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